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Here are some more lateral puzzles , but they are not strictly of Edward de Bono's Type. (You can do a "mouse over" on Answers or click on it)

Puzzle # 1

A cattle owner left a will for his 3 sons to share his cattle in the ratio of half to the eldest, one third to the middle son and one eighth to the youngest. The sons found that their father had left 23 cows only. Being unable to share the cows they called on fatherís trusted friend who solved the problem to their satisfaction. What was his solution? Answer

Puzzle #2

Two Russians walk down a street in Moscow. One Russian is the father of the other Russianís son. How are they related? Answer

Puzzle #3

Six drinking glasses stand in a row, with the first three full of water and the next three empty. By handling and moving only one glass at a time, how can you arrange the six glasses so that no full glass stands next to another full glass, and no empty glass stands next to another empty glass. What is the minimum number of moves to solve this puzzle?Answer

Puzzle #4

If you put a small coin into a an empty wine bottle and replace the cork, how would you get the coin out of the bottle without taking out the cork or breaking the bottle? Answer

Puzzle #5

What occurs once in June, once in July and twice in August.Answer

Puzzle #6

A man called to a waiter in a restaurant, "There's a fly in my tea!" "I will bring you a fresh cup of tea," said the waiter. After a few moments, the man called out, "This is the same cup of tea!" How did he know? Answer

Puzzle #7

A man marries twenty women in his village but isn't charged with polygamy. Why?Answer